Meanwhile, back at the “Cat Nip & Tuck” Day Spa

Gold Day Spa Package Includes:
16 hours of sleeping
1 Counseling Session – This month’s topic:
How to regain your dignity when being forced to use
your litter box in rooms with no privacy.

Cats in dollhouse

Photo From: rikkis_refuge

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News Update: Suspected driver with no tags tries to “flea” the state

Frankie “Dogster” Malone is also wanted for:
7 counts of Leash Law evasion
Destruction of personal property
3 attempted mailman attacks

Dog driving car

Photo Credit: glen edelson

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You Talkin’ to Me? (To be said in Robert De Niro voice)

cat with attitude

Photo From: JoshSemans

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Destination: Billy Bob Jack’s Barbecue Shack!

Photo From: Matt Cornwell

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Presenting………The Westlake Gospel Choir!


Image From: drxeno

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A Concerned Friend


Image From: dr_XeNo

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Tired of broken or bent hangers? Hang your cat with pride, the right way, with “Hanger Hotels for Cats, Inc.”

Cat Sleeping In Hangers

Photo Provided By: normanack

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Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, The Panda’s Life For Me

(Title To be sung in Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride voice)
panda Bear at zoo

Image Credit:

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Rest Up, Little Buddy

Dreaming About- Clawing antique couch, tearing petals off roses given as anniversary present, and ripping up new rug that took two years to save for. Waiting For: Cast to be taken off.

cute injured kitten

Photo Credit: daWPW

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